Rebuilding Livelihoods, Saving Lives



The Bondeko Refugee Livelihoods Center (Bondeko Center) is a nationally-registered, refugee-led organization founded by refugees in 1997 to support those fleeing violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Bondeko Centre supports impoverished, often traumatized refugees, especially women and children, who reach Uganda's capital Kampala without connections or aid. We are a community centre for both refugees and local Ugandans, as well as an emergency shelter for refugees.

We promote refugee integration and empower asylum seekers and refugees in Kampala to become self-reliant through offering business trainings, English lessons, and a variety of livelihoods trainings and activities. We envision a future where the skills and capabilities of refugees to support and assist each other are recognized, and human rights, community acceptance, and economic independence are promoted for those who have been displaced.


Baking at Bondeko


Reinforcing our Commitment to Self-Reliance

We offer free training in mushroom growing, tailoring, urban farming, and baking. These trainings and small enterprises are a key area of focus at Bondeko Center. The community is supported in funding their own endeavors through savings and loan groups, which enable members to receive small loans and community advice and support in weekly meetings.

English lessons at Bondeko


Teaching English, Business and ITC

We offer free English lessons to refugees to facilitate integration, improve their livelihood opportunities and their emotional well-being. We also provide business and ITC courses to assist refugees in establishing and running their own small businesses.

Dance event at Bondeko


Emergency Shelter and Neighborhood Centre

Bondeko Centre offers an emergency shelter of up to one year for approximately 40 urban refugees, including single mothers and orphans. However, the center is also a valuable community space in an impoverished area that lacks few community resources. Soccer games are regularly held on the pitch, children's activities take place on the lawn and playground, and a music festival is held annually. Bondeko Centre is an important site of integration for refugees, and demonstrates the valuable contribution that refugees can make to neighborhoods in host countries around the world.

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Volunteering at Bondeko


Sharing Skills, Making Friends

We host international volunteers from around the world who share their skills in a variety of ways, from teaching English and dance to advising Bondeko's enterprises. We believe that volunteering is a two-way street, with learning and teaching coming from both volunteers and Bondeko members. To promote ethical global engagement, we have partnered with Omprakash, an international volunteer platform that connects potential volunteers with grassroots organizations such as ours. To learn more about how to volunteer with us, please click below.


Make Bondeko sustainable

The Bondeko Center relies on donations to run our programs, provide services to our members, and pay rent.

Ultimately, we would like to buy the land from which the Center operates, securing the future of the Center.


Please support us to do so as we fundraise to buy the center and land!


All donations are 501(c)(3) tax-deductible.